Senior Coaches 2019

Premier Grade

Coach Alex Taimalitane

Assistant Coach Shane Warren

Manager Bob Aitken

Reserve Grade

Coach Vacant

Assistant Coach Gerhard Van Aswegen

Assistant Coach Roberto Ullivarri

Manager vacant

Third Grade

Coaches Dan Kuijpers and Michael Shelton

Manager Rusty


Coach George McDonald

Assistant Coach John Hannon

Manager Caitlyn Wawrowski

Junior coaches & Managers 2019

U 18 and U 16

Coaching group Troy Doughty, Liam Smith, Nathan Evans and Ryan Evans

Manager Melissa Nash

Under 14

Coaching group Troy Wilkins, Liam Devine, Jason Chambers and Martin van Eyk

Michael Shelton

Under 12

Coaching group Seb Rivett and Tom McColl

Manager Pete Somers

Under 10

Coach Shane Warren

Manager Louise Fiddes

Under 8

Coach Vacant

Under 6/7

Coach Daniel Taylor